Available HooksΒΆ

The following is a list of all hooks present in NodeBB. This list is intended to guide developers who are looking to write plugins for NodeBB. For more information, please consult Writing Plugins for NodeBB.

There are two types of hooks, filters, and actions. Filters take an input (provided as a single argument), parse it in some way, and return the changed value. Actions take multiple inputs, and execute actions based on the inputs received. Actions do not return anything.

Important: This list is by no means exhaustive. Hooks are added on an as-needed basis (or if we can see a potential use case ahead of time), and all requests to add new hooks to NodeBB should be sent to us via the issue tracker.

As of 2014-10-08 we have moved the list of hooks into our wiki page. Please consult the list here.