Windows 8

Running NodeBB

Start Redis Server


The default location of Redis Server is

C:\Program Files (x86)\Redis\StartRedisServer.cmd

Open Git Shell, and type the following commands. Clone NodeBB repo:

git clone -b v0.9.x

Enter directory:

cd NodeBB

Install dependencies:

npm install

Run interactive installation:

node app.js --setup

You may leave all of the options as default.

And you’re done! After the installation, run

node app.js

You can visit your forum at

Developing on Windows

It’s a bit of a pain to shutdown and restart NodeBB everytime you make changes. First install supervisor:

npm install -g supervisor

Open up bash:


And run NodeBB on “watch” mode:

./nodebb watch

It will launch NodeBB in development mode, and watch files that change and automatically restart your forum.