Administrative FunctionsΒΆ


These docs are out of date. If you are interested in updating these (preferably with screenshots) let us know on the community forum because we are planning on a design overhaul of the ACP soon.

To view the admin panel (if you are an admin):

Top Menu (all can be easily reached by other means)
  • NodeBB ACP (Administrator Control Panel: this view) * (see Home below)
  • Forum * (your main forum)
  • Home * (see Home below)
  • Settings * (see Settings below)
Side Menu: NodeBB
  • Home * * Links all go to homepage

    • NOTE: should all the links go to same place?
    • Message reminder of what version this is and to check for updates (See Upgrading NodeBB) * NOTE: would a link to where the latest stable version is help?
    • Active Users * lists number users per page-path (?) * NOTE: not clear exactly what the paths mean or how to visit that path
  • Categories * * Filters: Active, Disabled, Unit Tests * List of Categories:

    • Icon, Name, Desc, Action: Disable
    • Actions: Save, Add New
  • Users * * Filters: Latest Users, Top Posters, Most Reputation, Action: Search * List of Users:

    • Icon, Link: Name, Reputation(star), Number Posts(pencil), Action: Ban
    • Action: Load More
  • Groups *

    • List of Groups
    • Name, Desc, Icon
    • Action: Delete Group * NOTE: What exactly can Groups be set up to do, besides Admin?
  • Topics * * List of Topics

    • Name [link to topic], Posted When and By, Number posts (Topic+Replies), Thread Actions: Pin(pushpin), Lock(lock), Delete(trashcan)
    • Action: Load More Topics

    • Topic [from List of Topics link]

    • Normal View of Topic+Reply Posts but with: * Link, Edit, Delete Actions all enabled for each Post * Thread Tools:

      • Pin, Lock, Move, Delete
  • Themes (See Theming NodeBB) * * List of (Custom | Bootswatch) Themes

    • Actions: Use, Preview
    • Action: Revert (to base)
  • Plugins (See Writing Plugins for NodeBB) * * List of Plugins

    • Action: De/activate
    • Info on making plugins
  • Settings *

    • General Settings * (textbox) Site Title * (textbox) Site Description * (textbox) Site Keywords * (textbox) Imgur Client ID

      • NOTE: How does this function?
      • (textbox) Maximum User Image Size
    • Privilege Thresholds (Use privilege thresholds to manage how much reputation a user must gain to receive moderator access.) * (textbox) Manage Thread * (textbox) Moderate Users * (textbox) Create Pinned Topics

    • Email Settings * (textbox) Email Address (The following email address refers to the email that the recipient will see in the “From” and “Reply To” fields.) * (textbox) SMTP Server Host (Default: * (textbox) SMTP Server Port

    • User Settings * (textbox) Minimum Username Length * (textbox) Maximum Username Length * (textbox) Minimum Password Length

    • Post Settings * (textbox) Post Delay * (textbox) Minimum Title Length * (textbox) Minimum Post Length * (checkbox) Use Outgoing Links Warning Page

    • Action: Save

  • Redis * * Redis data storage stats

  • Logger * * (checkbox) Enable HTTP logging * (checkbox) Enable event logging * (textbox) Path to log file

  • MOTD (Message of the Day) * * (textarea) You can enter either full HTML or Markdown text. * (checkbox) Show the Message of the Day

Side Menu: Social Authentication (See Enabling Social Network Logins)

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+

Side Menu: Plugins (Shows installed plugins)

Side Menu: Unit Tests (Will run qunit tests)